Outdoor Cinema Minyama Home Automation

Our home automation technicians visited a home out in Minyama Sunshine Coast today for an installation of a outdoor cinema!

Outdoor Cinema Minyama home automation 3

Customers Outdoor Cinema requirements:
• Retractable Projector Screen
• Great quality surround sound
• All equipment to be racked away within the house.
• Simplistic control of all components.
Automation Planning stage:
•Scope of works
•Measurement & Design
•Product research
•Speaker positioning
•Cable Schedule completed to cover all scenarios both now and in the future.
•Epson short throw Projector was concealed in the roof cavity above the screen position.
•Screen Technics 126” retractable Projector Screen Installed within a pelmet to blend in with the back wall and clear the Buddha feature when in use.
•Krix 5.1.2 Dolby ATMOS Surround Sound Speaker System Installed on the front face of the stage, overhead in the overhanging Roof, behind in the soffits and a Subwoofer on the front stage floor.
•Zigbee Lighting modules Installed for Downlights, Tree Lights & Strip Lighting
Once all components were operational & configured the Control4 automation system was programmed and tested to make life easy.
The result achieved was a mind blowing, fully functioning Outdoor Cinema which almost gives a nostalgic sense of being back at the “Drive In”as a kid whilst encompassing the latest state of the art technology.
“Room On” using the C4 button triggers the screen to drop down, turns on the projector and if it’s night time the lights are dimmed to 12% above the stage.
Outdoor Cinema Minyama home automation 2
The experience starts here !
WATCH ( Foxtel, Apple TV, BluRay, Netflix, YouTube, Stan ….etc)
LISTEN ( Spotify, DEEZER, TuneIn, AirPlay…etc)
LIGHTS ( Downlights, Tree Lights & Strip Lights)
Simple ONE touch control, amazing enveloping sound & outstanding video quality makes this a very unique experience.

For more information on our Minyama Home Automation Installation give us a call today on 1300 441 661 or email Scott at info@roomautomation.com.au