ROOM Automation Mooloolaba

ROOM Automation Mooloolaba

ROOM Automation Mooloolaba

Installation: Projector / Projector Screen, Video Matrix, CCTV Cameras & Acoustic Treatment to Ceiling. completed by ROOM Automation in Mooloolaba @ The Wharf “Boston Shaker Bar”

The clients brief :•CCTV Security Cameras•Remote Access to Security Cameras•Ceiling mounted Projector & Screen to blend in with Black ceilings•Access to 4 switchable video inputs to be displayed on the Projector •Acoustic absorption to the ceiling

ROOM Automation Mooloolaba Room

The installation included integration with audio P.A system, an Epson Projector, retractable Projector Screen, Blustream Video Matrix & 4 Video sources.•Fetch TV•Sony BluRay •Apple TV 4K•Laptop 
The project is now complete for the Christmas 


 festive season and future plans are in place to increase the Acoustic treatment to ceilings early next year.

Kind regards, Scott Hutchison 
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